St Petersburg, The Prokofiev Hall

Concert in memory of Valeria Rumiantseva

Zhanna Dombrovskaya (soprano)
Natalia Yevstafieva (mezzo-soprano)
Dmitry Koleushko (tenor)
Leonid Zakhozhaev (tenor)
Aglaya Shuplyakova (flute)
Ivan Stolbov (clarinet)
Gennady Nikonov (trumpet)
Lyudmila Rokhlina (harp)
Artur Dzhavadian (violin)
Oleg Sendetsky (cello)
Yekaterina Travkina (cello)
Maria Shilo (double-bass)
Daria Lebedeva (piano)
Karina Sposobina (piano)
Elena Matusovskaya (piano)
Irina Mnatsakanova (piano)
Irina Slutskaya (piano)
Dmitry Yefimov (piano)

The Renaissance Percussion ensemble

Age category 6+

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