St Petersburg, Mariinsky II



ballet by Leo Delibes


Coppélius: Konstantin Zverev
Swanilda: Maria Shirinkina
Frantz: Yevgeny Konovalov
Coppélia: Anastasia Lukina

Featuring students of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy

Premiere: 25 July 2024, Mariinsky II

Age category 6+


Music by Leo Delibes

Musical Director: Valery Gergiev
Production Choreography: Alexander Sergeev
Set and Costume Designer: Leonid Alexeev
Lighting Designer: Konstantin Binkin
Video Designer: Igor Domashkevich


Coppélius' Attic
The puppeteer Coppélius is obsessed with bringing his finest creation, the beautiful Coppélia, to life. He conducts experiments in his workshop, and finally, he discovers a method! To animate the doll, he requires a human soul.

Act One
Scene One
Outside Coppélius' Shop
Amidst a group of friends are the playful beauty Swanilda and the carefree Frantz. Swanilda is in love with Frantz, but he seems undecided and still casts admiring glances at other girls. Coppélius watches the couple intently from his window and concocts a plan – he activates the doll and sends her into the town square.

Scene Two
Town Square
The square is bustling with festive chaos. Amid the revelry, a mysterious spectacle vendor appears – it's Coppélius in disguise. He sells Frantz a pair of magic glasses that make everything appear differently. Coppélius directs Frantz's gaze towards the doll, and the rest of the world ceases to exist for him. Enthralled by Coppélia's perfection, Franz rushes to her, forgetting about Swanilda. Coppélius is pleased and extinguishes the street lamps: in the twilight, nothing can distract Frantz from Coppélia. Noticing the change in her beloved, Swanilda suspects Coppélius' involvement. She decides to sneak into his shop to uncover the secret.

Act Two
Scene Three
Coppélius' Shop
Having infiltrated the shop, Swanilda discovers one of many boxes containing her rival – a mere mechanical doll! She finds another Coppélia identical to the first, and then another, and yet another. She figures out the puppeteer’s cunning plan, but just then, someone enters the shop. In haste, Swanilda disguises herself as one of the dolls. Coppélius arrives with Frantz and Coppélia. Frantz, under the spell of the magical glasses, cannot take his eyes off his companion and asks Coppélius for her hand. Coppélius agrees but on one condition: Frantz must identify his true love among the identical dolls as proof of his affection. If he fails, it will cost him his life. Frantz accepts the challenge.
Coppélius unveils indistinguishable dolls from boxes. The multitude of Coppélias baffles Frantz. Seizing the moment, Swanilda removes his glasses. The hero realizes: all around him are soulless mechanical dolls. He points to Swanilda. Anticipating victory, Coppélius invites Frantz and the disguised Swanilda to step into a magic machine. However, instead of a miracle of animation, the system malfunctions: the machine smokes, and the dolls break. Swanilda and Frantz’s love triumphs. A crushed Coppélius is comforted by the magnanimous lovers who promise him they will arrange a fairytale wedding for him. He begins the preparations.

Scene Four
Town Square
Guests gather in the street outside the shop, greeted by Frantz and Swanilda. Out of the shop come the toys: a procession of dancing kittens, a plush bear, and beautiful Coppélias. Suddenly, one of them starts to smoke – it seems to feel something! A team of toy firefighters rushes to help. Swanilda and Frantz are blissful. The bride throws her bouquet into the crowd. Who will catch it?

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