Audience policies of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre State Federal Budgetary Cultural Organisation

Dear Guests, please note the following main Policies for attending the Theatre:

1. In acquiring tickets to performances at the Theatre, patrons agree with these Regulations and undertake to observe these Regulations and general public order in the Theatre buildings.

2. The Theatre Management reserves the right to amend the casts of Theatre performances without alerting patrons in advance. Changes to the cast-list do not constitute a basis for the return of tickets.

3. Returns of tickets are regulated by the User Agreement which may always be accessed on the Theatre's website via the link

The Theatre reserves the right to provide monetary refunds for tickets only when they have been acquired either at Theatre box-offices or via the internet e-payment system. Where a patron has acquired tickets for a Theatre event through agencies authorised by the Theatre to provide tickets, monetary refunds for tickets will be undertaken by those agencies unless otherwise stated by contract. Where any matters arise that cannot be dealt with by the duty administrator of the Theatre, the patron retains the right to apply to the Theatre's Head Administrator to resolve the issue in question.

4. Tickets which have been amended in any way (including the concealment of any information on the ticket) are considered null and void. The Management reserves the right to deny admission to the Theatre without refunding ticket costs. This regulation also extends to e-tickets.

5. On its official internet web-pages, the Theatre publishes information on: performances the attendance of which is possible on presentation of documents confirming the patron's identity, including documents confirming the identity of a foreign citizen or person without citizenship that provide information about the patron (surname, name, patronymic) that relates to the ticket (hereinafter "nominal ticket" or "nominal subscription").

6. Nominal tickets and nominal subscriptions afford the right to attend performances only on presentation of documents confirming patrons' identities. The list of appropriate documents is regulated by an authorised federal body of the executive authority. Where information about the patron indicated on the nominal ticket or nominal subscription does not correspond with the information on the document presented, or where information about the patron has been altered on the nominal ticket or nominal subscription, the patron will be denied admission to the event without the right to a refund of ticket costs.

7. While attending the Theatre, patrons undertake to avoid damaging Theatre property and to observe public order and fire-safety measures. Any material damage caused to the Theatre will be recovered from the guilty parties in accordance with established legislation of the Russian Federation. In case of loss of a numbered token (cloakroom ticket), the patron should approach a representative of the organisation providing cloakroom services (cloakroom attendant) and the Theatre's duty administrator. In case of loss of personal property, the patron should contact the Theatre's duty administrator.

8. Information about the time, venue, cancellation and/or postponement of performances may be confirmed at Mariinsky Theatre box-offices, by calling the information service on +7-812-3264141 or by contacting the official website of the Mariinsky Theatre, subsection "Playbill".

9. A theatre ticket is valid for one patron regardless of age. In order to meet the requirements of Federal Law No 436-F3 dated 29 December 2010 "On the protection of children from information that may cause harm to their health and development", please follow the age category system in use to ensure the informational wellbeing of children at performances at the Theatre. Such information is provided on playbills, the official website of the Mariinsky Theatre and the tickets purchased by patrons.

10. Entry to the Theatre for patrons and the duties of staff in audience cafes begins no earlier than 1 (one) hour before the start of a performance (concert). Entry to the auditorium is possible after the first bell. After the third bell, admission to the stalls and amphitheatre is not permitted. In case of late arrival, patrons must accept seats offered by the usher, moving to the seats indicated on the tickets during the interval. Admission to concerts in the chamber venues of the Mariinsky-II is possible no earlier than 30 (thirty) minutes before the start of the concert.

11. During the performance all electronic equipment must be switched off or set to silent.

12. In accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation, performances (concerts and other events) at the Theatre remain the intellectual property of the Theatre and/or other persons involved in the creation of the events in question. In order to ensure copyright and other production rights, the photography, filming, video-recording, TV-broadcasting and any form of audio recording of performances or highlights thereof without special endorsement of the Theatre Management are all forbidden. Any persons undertaking photography, filming, video-recording, TV-broadcasting and any form of audio recording of performances (and other events) or highlights thereof which has not been sanctioned by the Theatre may, at the demand of the Theatre, may be denied access to the performance (other event) in question. In this case, the cost of any tickets is non-refundable.

13. Admission to the auditorium is forbidden:
 – in outerwear; in soiling, fetid clothes;
 – carrying food and drinks;
 – carrying flowers;
 – in a state of drunkenness or when having taken narcotic substances.

14. In order to ensure the personal safety of patrons, as well as to ensure a pleasant and comfortable viewing experience, it is forbidden to bring any or all of the following items into the Theatre's premises: weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, strongly-smelling and radioactive substances, sharp and bladed items, pyrotechnic substances, laser torches, narcotic substances, alcohol-based products, suitcases, capacious packages and bags and/or pets. Where such products and materials may not be brought into the Theatre's premises, the Theatre reserves the right to deny access to those concerned without providing ticket refunds.

We would kindly ask patrons:

 – not to pass beyond any barriers in place; not to open windows;
 – during the performance not to sit and not to stand in the aisles or on the steps in the Theatre's auditoriums; patrons must be seated in accordance with the specially allocated seats they have acquired as per their tickets – this restriction is to ensure safe and comfortable viewing of the performance;
 – not to enter technical or other premises closed to the public;
 – not to carry banners or to affix announcements, posters or other products bearing information; not to carry and not to display signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, nationalistic and/or religious hatred or which promote violence;
 – not to undertake trading of any description, sell tickets or to give excursions in the Theatre's premises;
 – not to use audio equipment that amplifies sound, and also not to sing, not to dance and not to play musical instruments when inside the Theatre's premises;
 – not to wear clothing that may stain and not to carry items or products that may stain should other patrons come into contact with such when in the Theatre's premises.

15. In accordance with Theatre rules, bouquets for performers should be given to ushers after the performance. If you arrive with a bouquet please give this to an usher in advance and say for whom it is intended.

16. In accordance with Federal Law No 15-F3 dated 23 February 2013 "On the safeguarding of citizens' health from the effects of tobacco smoke and the results of smoking tobacco", smoking is strictly forbidden in the Theatre's premises.

17. At the Mariinsky Theatre, each of the separate stage venues has a Book of Complaints and Suggestions which you may obtain from the duty administrator at any time. Should a problem of any kind arise you should approach the duty administrator or, when explaining the problem in writing, you should address this to the head of the administrative service.

Any persons who do not comply with these Rules, who disrupt public order and/or who pose a threat to the health and/or lives of patrons may be removed from the Theatre by staff of the Theatre's Security Service. Depending on the nature of the infringement, the Theatre Management may issue only a warning, though it may also convey the perpetrator to the police in order that appropriate steps be taken.

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