Dear Patrons,

We are delighted to welcome you to our three venues – the Mariinsky Theatre, the Mariinsky II and the Concert Hall. Please note that as far as the architecture of these buildings allows, each is equipped in different ways to cater for visitors with disabilities or limited physical movement.

The new stage of the Mariinsky Theatre (Mariinsky II) took first place in the St Petersburg rating of architectural accessibility to theatres for disabled people. It is equipped with a convenient entrance, ramps and lifts among other features.

The Concert Hall also has all necessary features such as an entrance without steps, lifts and specially allocated seats.

Because of certain specific architectural features, the historic building of the Mariinsky Theatre offers several special services for patrons with disabilities or limited physical movement, specifically:
  • For any repertoire performance the theatre can admit a certain number of wheelchair users;
  • When organising a visit to the Mariinsky Theatre, please phone the administrator in advance on +7 (812) 326 41 52 or e-mail in order to receive any necessary information.

Should you have any other queries regarding disabled access the administrator will be able to answer any questions by telephone.

The administration will do everything in its power to ensure your visit to the theatre is as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Any use or copying of site materials, design elements or layout is forbidden without the permission of the rightholder.