St Petersburg, Mariinsky Theatre

Swan Lake

ballet in three acts

Performance by the Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theatre


Soloists of the Leonid Yakobson Ballet Theatre


Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov
Libretto by Vladimir Begichev and Vasily Geltser
Sets and costumes by Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting design by Maxim Greller


Act I
Scene 1
Prince Siegfried and his friends are celebrating his coming-of-age. The  Queen gives him a  crossbow and reminds him that the  time has come to consider marriage. At the  ball tomorrow he must choose a  bride. Night falls. The  guests depart. Siegfried is tormented by forebodings that are unclear. Seeing a  flock of white swans in the  sky the  Prince sets out for the  lake.

Scene 2
A lake in a  forest glade. On coming ashore the  swans are transformed into girls and Siegfried drops his crossbow, staggered by the  beauty of the  Swan Queen. Odette tells him that the  swan-maidens are under the  power of the  evil sorcerer von Rothbart and only the  power of wholehearted love can undo the  magic spell. Siegfried swears eternal love to Odette.

Act II
A ball at the  castle. One after another, beauties from different countries appear before the  Prince, but not one of them can grasp his attention. Siegfried’s heart belongs to Odette. The  sounds of a  fanfare announce the  arrival of more guests. Disguised as a  noble knight, von Rothbart enters, and with him is his daughter Odile. Siegfried is struck dumb – this beautiful maiden is exactly like Odette! Odile gives the  Prince no time to come to his senses, she lures and bewitches him, and the  Prince is so attracted that he declares his love for her. Von Rothbart is triumphant. Understanding the  full horror of the  deception of which he has been the  victim, Siegfried rushes to the  lake and to Odette.

Night. The  shore of the  lake. Odette is telling her friends about von Rothbart’s villainy and Siegfried’s betrayal. The  Prince appears and begs her forgiveness. Black swans sent by von Rothbart attempt to separate the  lovers, but Siegfried defeats the  sorcerer. The  powers of evil are at an end and the  rays of the  rising sun bring life, love and happiness...

Running time 2 hours 50 minutes 
The performance has two intervals

Established in 1969 by Leonid Veniaminovich Yakobson, the St Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre rightly bears the name of its founder and carefully preserves the traditions he laid down. Today the company is developing several trends in its repertoire – the classics, Leonid Yakobson’s own works and productions by contemporary Russian choreographers. The theatre’s work has received a special prize from the Golden Mask festival jury (for the production The Wedding Cortege), St Petersburg’s highest theatre prize the Golden Sofit and the Taglioni Prize, established in 2014 by the Vladimir Malakhov Foundation (for the programme Classical Miniatures by Leonid Yakobson). The company performs at various theatres in St Petersburg, appears at major international festivals and performs in towns and cities throughout Russia, France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Finland, Croatia, Switzerland, Belarus and Estonia.

Artistic Director – Honoured Artist of Russia, Andrian Fadeyev

Age category 0+

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