St Petersburg, Concert Hall

Vadym Kholodenko (piano)

Robert Schumann
Nachtstücke, Op. 23
Hummoresque, Op. 20

Alexander Scriabin
24 Preludes, Op. 11
Fantasia in B Minor, Op. 28

Performed by Vadym Kholodenko (piano)

About the Concert

For his early opuses, Alexander Scriabin’s stylistic model came from Frédéric Chopin’s music. Scriabin turned to the same circle of genres as the Polish maestro, but added his own narrative to them. The Fantasia in B Minor is one of the later examples of his dialogue with Chopin. The rich chromatic harmony and the desire for unity, washing away the boundaries between the sonata, the poem and the fantasia, herald the style of the mature Scriabin.

Age category 6+

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