St Petersburg, Concert Hall

Mikhail Petrenko (bass) recital

Piano: Marina Mishuk

The programme includes:

Mikhail Glinka
The romances I Remember a Wonderful Moment... (lyrics by Alexander Pushkin), Doubt (lyrics by Nestor Kukolnik),The Night Review (lyrics by Vasily Zhukovsky), The Lark (lyrics by Nestor Kukolnik), I Am Here, Inezilya... (lyrics by Alexander Pushkin)

Pyotr Tchaikovsky
The romances No, Only the One Who Knew... (lyrics by Wolfgang von Goethe, translation by Lev Mei), Mad Nights... (lyrics by Alexei Apukhtin), I Bless You, Forests... (lyrics by Alexei Tolstoy), Night (lyrics by Daniil Rathaus), I Opened the Window... (lyrics by Konstantin Romanov), Children’s Song (lyrics by Konstantin Aksakov), Whether Day Dawns... (lyrics by Alexei Apukhtin)

Sergei Rachmaninoff
The romances I Am not a Prophet ( lyrics by Alexander Kruglov), Of What Do I Secretly Dream in the Quiet of the Night (lyrics by Afanasy Fet), Everything Will Pass... (lyrics by Daniil Rathaus), The Night Is Sad ( lyrics by Ivan Bunin), Christ Is Risen! (lyrics by Dmitry Merezhkovsky), The Dream (lyrics by Heinrich Heine, translation by Alexei Pleshcheyev), A Letter from S. Rachmaninoff to K. S. Stanislavsky

Age category 6+

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