Prize-winners of the Tchaikovsky Competition
Joint photo-project of the Glinka Museum, the Mariinsky Theatre and the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

The grand opening of the I International Tchaikovsky Competition. Great Hall of the Conservatoire, 18 march 1958. Photo by S. Melnik ©Glinka Museum

Van Cliburn (USA), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 1958. Photo by S. Melnik ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the piano competition jury Emil Gilels (USSR) and jury member Nadia Boulanger (France). 1962. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Vladimir Ashkenazi (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 1962. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

John Ogdon (Great Britain), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition, at the Tchaikovsky House Museum in Klin. 1962. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the cello competition Mstislav Rostropovich (USSR) and jury member Grigory Piatigorsky (USA). 1962. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Viktor Tretiakov (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize in the violin competition. 1966. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the vocalists’ competition Veronica Tyler (USA, 2nd prize), Jane Marsh (USA, 1st prize) and Vladimir Atlantov (USSR, 1st prize). 1966. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Grigory Sokolov (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 1966. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the piano competition John Lill (Great Britain, 1st prize), Arthur Moreira Lima (Brazil, 3rd prize) and Vladimir Krainev (USSR, 1st prize). 1970. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the violin competition Vladimir Spivakov (USSR, 2nd prize) and Gidon Kremer (USSR, 1st prize). 1970. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum

USSR Minister of Culture Yekaterina Furtseva (third on the left) and jury members of the vocalists’ competition (L-R) Alexander Sveshnikov (USSR), Maria Callas (Italy), Mark Reizen (USSR), Zenaida Pally (Romania) and Tito Gobbi (Italy). 1970. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Tchaikovsky House Museum in Klin

Elena Obraztsova (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize at the vocalists’ competition. 1970. Photo by S. Khenkin ©Glinka Museum
Boris Pergamenshchikov (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize at the cello competition. 1974. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Stanislav Igolinsky (USSR), recipient of the 2nd prize at the piano competition rehearsing with the conductor Dmitrij Kitajenko. 1974. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the piano competition Pascal Devoyon (France, 2nd prize), Mikhail Pletnev (USSR, 1st prize) and André Laplante (Canada, 2nd prize). 1978. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

S. V. Vinogradova interviewing jury members of the piano competition Eugene List (USA) and Andrei Eshpai (USSR). 1978. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Jury of the violin competition. L-R: Valery Klimov (USSR), Ricardo Odnoposoff (Austria), Viktor Tretiakov (USSR), Vladimir Avramov (Bulgaria) and Igor Bezrodny (USSR). 1982. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the violin competition jury Leonid Kogan (USSR) presenting the 1st prize to Sergei Stadler (USSR). 1982. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the vocalists’ competition Irina Arkhipova (USSR) presenting the 1st prize to Paata Burchuladze (USSR). 1982. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Vladimir Chernov (USSR) and Gegam Grigorian (USSR), recipients of the 3rd and 2nd prizes at the vocalists’ competition. 1982. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the vocalists’ competition Alexander Morozov (USSR, 1st prize), Grigory Gritsyuk (USSR, 1st prize), Natalia Yerasova (USSR, 1st prize), Barbara Kilduff (USA, 2nd prize) after the results are announced. 1986. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the vocalists’ jury Irina Arkhipova presenting the 3rd prize to Maria Guleghina (USSR). 1986. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winners of the piano competition Barry Douglas (Great Britain, 1st prize) and Natalia Trull (USSR, 2nd prize). 1986. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Prize-winner of the cello competition Mario Brunello (Italy, 1st prize). Conductor – Valery Gergiev (USSR). 1986. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Boris Berezovsky (USSR), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 1990. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum
Akiko Suwanai (Japan), recipient of the 1st prize at the violin competition. 1990. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Recipients of the 1st prize at the vocalists’ competition Hans Choi (USA) and Deborah Voigt (USA). 1990. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Chair of the jury of the cello competition Daniil Shafran (USSR) awarding the 2nd prize to Alexander Kniazev (USSR). 1990. Photo by A. Stepanov ©Glinka Museum

Hibla Gerzmava (Georgia), recipient of the Grand Prix at the vocalists’ competition. 1994. Photo by M. Dalibando ©Glinka Museum
Yevgeny Nikitin, recipient of the 2nd prize at the vocalists’ competition. 1998. Photo by M. Dalibando ©Glinka Museum

Jury member of the piano competition John Lill (Great Britain) performing in the Tchaikovsky House Museum in Klin. 1994. Photo by M. Dalibando ©Glinka Museum

Denis Matsuev (Russia), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 1998. Photo by M. Dalibando ©Glinka Museum

Jury members of the violin competition Saulius Sondeckis, Liana Isakadze and Victor Pikaizen. 1998. Photo by M. Dalibando ©Glinka Museum

Ayako Uehara (Japan), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 2002. Photo by E. Levin ©Glinka Museum
Recipients of the 2nd prize at the violin competition Si Chen (China) and Tamaki Kawakubo (Japan). 2002. Photo by E. Levin ©Glinka Museum

The opening of the XIII competition. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Alexander Zhukov, Vice-Mayor of Moscow Lyudmila Shvetsova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Sokolov, Svyatoslav Belza and Iosif Kobzon. Moscow. Great Hall of the Conservatoire. 2007. Photo by S. Novoselov ©Glinka Museum

Miroslav Kultyshev (Russia), recipient of the 2nd prize at the piano competition. 2007. Photo by S. Novoselov ©Glinka Museum

Albina Shagimuratova (Russia), recipient of the 1st prize at the vocalists’ competition. 2007. Photo by S. Novoselov ©Glinka Museum

Jury members Barry Douglas, David Geringas, honorary guest Olga Rostropovich and Van Cliburn, Honorary Chair of the piano competition jury. 2011. Photo by Yu. Barykin ©Glinka Museum

Sergei Dogadin (Russia), recipient of the 2nd prize at the violin competition and Valery Gergiev. 2011. Gala concert at the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre. Photo by V. Baranovsky ©Mariinsky Theatre

Yeol Eum Son (South Korea), recipient of the 2nd prize at the piano competition. 2011. Photo by V. Baranovsky ©Mariinsky Theatre

Narek Hakhnazaryan (Armenia), recipient of the 1st prize at the cello competition and Jehye Lee (South Korea), recipient of the 3rd prize at the violin competition. 2011. Photo by V. Baranovsky ©Mariinsky Theatre

Daniil Trifonov (Russia), recipient of the 1st prize at the piano competition. 2011. Photo by V. Baranovsky ©Mariinsky Theatre


This project has been brought to life by Oxana Bochkareva and Svetlana Chkhaidze (Glinka Museum), Anna Petrova, Zhanna Bursina, Valeria Maruk, Artyom Burdov and Irina Kuprianova (Mariinsky Theatre). Translation: Michael Smith.


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