Киев Модерн Балет

“… KIEV MODERN BALLET is a theatre of very young people, young bodies and young eyes. From day to day, these young artistes come to stage rehearsals with the desire to change from one performance to the next, from one role to another. But, in actual fact, most of all they change me, a man who considers himself to be the creator of these performances, these characters…”

Radu Poklitaru, Choreographer and Artistic Director of the Theatre


KIEV MODERN BALLET was founded in 2006 by choreographer Radu Poklitaru on the initiative of renowned Ukrainian patron of the arts Vladimir Filippov.
The theatre was envisaged as totally original, its repertoire and its artistic priorities being defined by the productions of one choreographer with his own inimitable style.
There are twenty-two dancers in the company. All of them, despite their young years, are true professionals in modern dance. One of the priorities is the perfecting of the performing skills of the ballet dancers – classical dance is taught by People’s Artist of Ukraine Sergei Bondur and contemporary dance by Kristina Shishkaryova (modern jazz), Alexei Busko (flying low) and Ruslan Baranov (contact improvisation). Maria Khrapachova teaches the young performers stage language. Honoured Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Kozlov is the Assistant Choreographer for rehearsal work on productions.
Since it was established, the theatre company has produced eight one-act and full-evening ballets. The company’s very first work – the two-episode ballet Carmen. TV – was awarded the prestigious Kiev Pectoral prize in two categories: “Best performance of the year” and “Best work by a choreographer”. And in 2008, the company received the Kiev Pectoral in the category “Event of the year” for the ballets The Myth of Verona: SHAKESPEARIMENTS, Bolero, Rain and The Nutcracker. The artistes of the company KIEV MODERN BALLET have toured to France, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Moldova as well as to numerous towns and cities throughout Ukraine.


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