Valery Gergiev
Artistic and General Director

Alexei Yakovlev
Deputy Artistic and General Director

Anna Kucherova
Deputy Artistic and General Director

Sergei Bannikov
Deputy Artistic and General Director

Tamerlan Gugkaev
Executive Director of the Concert Hall

Vladimir Maslov
Technical Director

Vasily Sibirtsev
Director of the Artistic Production Complex

Elena Petrova
Head of the Service – the Chief Theatre Costumes Supervisor

Marina Babushkina
Director of Finance

Valentina Misheyeva
Director of Financial Planning

Nikolai Protsyshen
Head Engineer of the Theatre

Alisa Meves
Head of Planning

Anna Iakovleva
Head of the Marketing, PR and Media Communications Department

Julia Broido
Director of the Production Department

Elena Mochalova
Director of Copyright and the Legal and Economic Department

Nadezhda Bitskaya
Acting Director of Special Projects

Andrei Sharin
Chief of the Information Technology Division

Maria Shcherbakova
Director of Music Library and Archives

Anna Petrova
Head of Publishing

Natalia Kozhevnikova
Editor-in-Chief of Mariinsky FM


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