Maya Pritsker

Maya Pritsker is a producer, author and presenter of weekly culture and education programmes on the Russian Television Network of America (RTN) including Contact and Contact – An Offer for Saturday as well as the special evening programme Studio Guests.
Maya Pritsker has lived in New York since 1991. In addition to her work for RTN, she presents lectures on Russian and international culture in Russian and English. Pritsker’s lectures are held at the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and international music festivals at the Universities of Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Yale.
For fifteen years she has worked as the Editor of the culture section of the newspaper The New Russian Word, which was founded on her initiative. Frequently collaborates with other publications and has produced numerous articles, reviews, interviews and programme notes (including for The New York Times, Opera News, American Music Teacher, Playbill, and as well as the recording companies Naxos and Delos International).
Studied to be a music historian. Prior to moving to the USA she was Editor of the magazine Music Life, a music critic and author for the magazines Soviet Music and Music Life, a lecturer and author of texts for radio music programmes for the Novosti publishing agency.