St Petersburg, Concert Hall

The pranks of Fata Morgana

Scenes and arias from Sergei Prokofiev’s opera The Love for Three Oranges

Fourth concert of the eighteenth subscription (Saturday)

The King: Gennady Bezzubenkov
The Prince: Andrei Ilyushnikov
Truffaldino: Dmitry Koleushko
Pantaloon: Alexander Gerasimov
The Magician Chellio: Alexander Morozov
Fata Morgana: Olga Bobrovskaya

The Mariinsky Orchestra
Conductor: Gavriel Heine
The St Petersburg Chamber Chorus
Artistic Director: Nikolai Kornev

Script Author and Host: Natalia Entelis
Stage Director: Irina Kosheleva
Production Designer: Sergei Grachev
Lighting Designer: Roman Peskov

Legend has it that King Arthur’s half-sister, who was spurned by her beloved knight Sir Lancelot, descended to the bottom of the sea and lives in a palace of crystal, ever since deceiving sailors and travellers with ghostly visions and mirages. The shenanigans of this character of the Breton epos are countless and inventive, her name translated from the Italian as Morgana the Witch. The famous Flying Dutchman – a ghost ship that still sees oceangoing passengers – is nothing other than the fruit of her imagination and magic. Many people have seen her fantastical palaces and army of thousands of men depicted in the skies. Morgana the Witch is always unpredictable and unusual.


Running time 1 hour
The concert has no interval

Age category 6+

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