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Dualia. La Leyenda

Ballet Nacional de España
Director: José Antonio





Scene from the ballet <Dualia>. Photo by Josep Aznar


Choreography: Rojas and Rodríguez
Music: José Nieto
Musical Recording: Orquesta de Cámara Andrés Segovia, directed by José de Eusebio
Lighting Design: David Pérez
Costume Design: Rosa García Andújar
Assistant Costume Design: Hugo di Perna
Costume Production: Pipa & Milagros (women), Luis Fernando Dos Santos (batas de cola), González ( men)
Shoes: Arte FyL and Gallardo

In the ballet Dualia by choreographers Carlos Rodrígues and Angel Rojas, a new generation of dancers with the National Ballet of Spain is thrilling audiences with their dance plastique, expression of movement, feeling of sensitivity and youthful energy.
"Our intention with Dualia was to deal with Spanish dance and breath in the youth and freshness of this generation with such a rich repertoire, seeking the complicity of pair dancing, interpreting the sensuality of looks, caresses, kisses, reminding ourselves of the great dancers our country has produced, to try to portray our meaning and feeling through the rasping of the castanets".
Carlos Rodríguez and Angel Rojas



Scene from the ballet <La Leyenda>. Photo by Jesus Vallinas


La Leyenda

Original Idea: José Antonio
Choreography: José Antonio
Music: José Antonio Rodríguez (Rondeña and Alegrías: Juan Requena. Embrujo del Fandango: Rafael Marinelli)
Lighting Design: Juan Gómez Cornejo (AAI), Paloma Contreras
Dress Design: Pedro Moreno
Scenography Design: José Antonio
Costume Production: "El Salao" & González
Scenography Production: Mambo Decorados
Shoes: Arte FyL

The ballet The Legend is dedicated to the work of renowned Spanish dancer Carmen Amaya, who performed in a flamenco troupe at the Café del Manquet in the 1930s. The passionate and insistent manner of her dance was so bewitching that gradually a myth grew up about flamenco being a universal image for the Spanish temperament. In her proud dance pose, taught as a string, Carmen Amaya was caught in a memorial built in honour of this great dancer in Barcelona, and her legendary image comes to life in the art of young performers with the National Ballet of Spain.
"La Leyenda springs from these memories in a modest personal tribute, a piece created by José Antonio with affection and admiration. The proposal harbours no biographic or mimetic intention - Carmen was so utterly unique that any attempt at imitation would be futile, but simply designs to portray, in images, an allegory of certain moments of her life and art, her strength and frailty, her grandeur and solitude".
Rosalía Gómez

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