2013-03-27 12:50

The Mariinsky II: a glimpse inside

Yuri Fateyev

Yuri Fateyev

Yuri Fateyev,
Acting Director of the Ballet Company:

"First of all, the Mariinsky II represents a very special stage in our artistic history. After all, not every generation of performers gets to open a new theatre and inaugurate a new stage. I am delighted that the new building has a work zone as well as spaces in which to relax. The dressing rooms, for example, in the Mariinsky II are exemplary: large, comfortable and all with showers and an area for the performers to relax in, bright and with high ceilings. The ballet studio is also truly world-class. Large, spacious, of the right proportions and with a wonderful floor and glass ceiling through which the sky can be seen. I am convinced that both the soloists and the corps de ballet will find it convenient to rehearse here. There are comfortable and spacious cafes for the performers where they can have a bite to eat and “chill out” in breaks between rehearsals, enjoying the stunning view of old St Petersburg. Behind the scenes at the new theatre there is a backstage area and a rehearsal stage. Among other things, this is meant for ballet rehearsals and run-throughs and fully matches the size of the main stage. This will allow us to increase the number of stage rehearsals which are currently frequently insufficient. And the double soundproofing means we can rehearse even when there is a performance on the main stage. Apropos, thanks to modern technology, the Mariinsky II has the ability to change sets very quickly. Currently, for example, when the ballet Le Jeune Homme et la Mort features in a programme objective reasons mean that the interval before this work lasts some forty minutes. Half of this time is needed to install the ballet’s sets. At the Mariinsky II this change will take just five or ten minutes. So audiences as well as theatre staff will feel the full effect of the new technology."

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