Tatiana Zelikman


Tatiana Zelikman was a student of the Gnesins Schools of Music. For many years she studied under Professor Theodore Gutman – one of the most talented pupils of Genrikh Neigauz. After graduating from the Gnesins’ Institute, at the same time as she began a post-graduate study at the recommendation of Elena Gnesina she was invited to work at the Moscow Gnesins’ Specialised Middle School of Music, where she has taught for almost forty-five years. Over the last twelve years she has combined her work at the school with teaching at the Specialised Piano Faculty of the Gnesins’ Russian Academy of Music.

Today Tatiana Zelikman is one of the most renowned teachers, and not just in Moscow. Her name is well-known throughout Russia and abroad. Over the years she has trained several generations of supremely gifted musicians. Several of these have garnered international reputations and been awarded first prizes at the most prestigious international competitions. They include Alexander Kobrin, Konstantin Lifschitz, Alexei Volodin, Ivan Rudin and Mikhail Mordvinov among others. Her younger students include Konstantin Shamrai, Alexander Kudryavtsev and Daniil Trifonov.
Tatiana Zelikman frequently gives master-classes both in Russia and abroad in Italy, France, Japan and the Netherlands. She is often asked to sit on the juries of piano competitions.

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