The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra

Principal Conductor: Ken Takaseki
Honorary Conductor: Taijiro Iimori

The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1975. In April 2015, the ensemble celebrated 40 years since its establishment. The orchestra appears in more than 100 subscription concerts per year at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, as well as takes part in opera and ballet productions and popular TV shows about classical music. In 1994, the orchestra signed an arts cooperation agreement with Kōtō City in Tokyo and since then has regularly appeared at the Tiara Koto Concert Hall.

The orchestra regularly tours outside of Japan. It toured in Singapore in 2003, in Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2004, in Paris and Reims in 2005, in Bangkok in 2007, in Jakarta in 2008, and in Busan in 2011.

Yuzuru holds a special place in the orchestra’s repertoire. It has been performed in the orchestra’s version multiple times, including under the baton of Ikuma Dan, who was the orchestra’s artistic consultant from 1984 to 1994.

The 600th performance of the opera was released on a CD. In September of 2017, the orchestra under the baton of Ken Takaseki introduced a concert version of the opera to mark an anniversary performance at the Tiara Koto Concert Hall.
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